Community Resilience Grant

Thanks to funding from Transport for Wales Challenge Fund, the Conwy Valley and North Wales Coast Community Rail Partnership (Conwy Valley and North Wales Coast railway line) has set up a one-off grant fund to support communities along the railway line in the counties of: Anglesey, Gwynedd, Conwy, Denbighshire and Flintshire. The scheme is offering funding to allow communities along the line to build resilience or sustainability for their project / activities or new initiative. Community organisations, charities, and CIC’s (please see eligibility) with the local community (5 miles of the stations) can apply for funding to assist with projects targeting social inclusion, encouraging behaviour change, that link to healthy wellbeing activities and where possible encourage the use of public transport.

Funding available:

Grants of up to £1000 are available, and the total grant pot is £25,000.


Any community organisation, charity, CIC or group that has a bank account in their name with at least two unrelated signatories and is based within 8km/5miles of the Conwy Valley and North Wales Coast Community Rail Partnership Railway Line (Conwy Valley and North Wales Coast railway line) can apply.

If the organisation is not based within the given radius but can show how the grant funding will support a community that is, then this is acceptable. Individuals, businesses and statutory bodies cannot apply, and neither can national charities unless it is a local branch. Religious organisations can apply if the funding is not used to promote a particular faith or belief system.

Applicants do not have to be registered charities, but they must be a group with a bank account. In exceptional circumstances, groups can apply through a sponsoring organisation if they do not have a bank account, but they must be able to demonstrate that they have the ability to deliver in their own right.

How can the grant be used?

The grant can be used for projects that look to support grassroots projects that look to reduce social isolation and improve health and wellbeing within the local community. The grant will fund new or existing activities that meet the objectives of the scheme. The grant does not have to be solely for project costs, it can be used for running costs including staff, bills, rent or maintenance as long as it can be demonstrated that these costs cannot be met by other means and that it will help the organisation remain active and sustainable.

Deadline for submission of applications:

End of day, 29 February 2024

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